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Scam Alert in 2022-23!

With the approach of the Christmas holidays, scammers are becoming more active, offering incredible discounts on branded and expensive goods.

For several years, we have been observing the theft of photos and videos of goods from our website. This content is used by scammers to deceive customers.

How does fraud work?

Example of a fake site

Example of a fake site

What happens after ordering on a fake site?

Example of a counterfeit product

On the left is an image of a jacket from the site, and on the right is a photo of rubbish from a package from scammers. (Provided by defrauded buyer)


What to do if you have been scammed?

What are we doing to prevent cheating?

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Our official social media pages are similarly named Vintage Leder. You can find links in the bottom menu of online stores.

The goods we sell are produced in small quantities. Genuine leather and fur are initially expensive!

We officially declare that we are not affiliated with any fraudulent sites! Be attentive and careful!

Caution scammers