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Men's leather hats

Complete your appearance by adding genuine leather headwear.

Spring Leather Jackets for men
Create the perfect spring look!
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Gatsby Leather Cap black. Photo 1 Gatsby Leather Cap black. Photo 2 top
3 390 UAH 92 USD

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Leather headwear - a necessity or a luxury?

Perhaps the popular wisdom "keep your feet warm and your head cold" has a healthy grain, but it is a little symbolic. It is not very pleasant to keep your precious part of the body in the icy wind and under the disgusting drizzling rain. Or put your health in danger by walking at noon under the mercilessly scorching sun.

But it is also worth noting that we do not always wear a headdress only when necessary; very often, it acts as an indispensable element of the created image.

Fashionable verdict

The difficult task of selecting things for going out to people has a simple, and most importantly, time-saving solution. It is enough to go to the Vintageleder online store, where you can easily pick up a leather cap or a baseball cap in an ensemble with a leather jacket. In the store mentioned above, you can find themed clothes. Accordingly, accessories for each model are selected.

  Leather headwear from Vintage Leder online store 1

Leather headwear from Vintage Leder online store 2  

A baseball cap is not only an attribute of athletes

You won't surprise anyone with a fabric baseball cap because every second person owns this very popular headdress. But not everyone can boast of its leather version, which is made by the ageing method and with a specific stylistic trend. Such an assortment you'll find on the pages of the Vintageleder online store.

Flight helmet made of leather and fur

Did you want something original to stand out from the crowd and look like no one else? Here's a new collection of leather flight helmets. You are not a pilot, but in your childhood dreams, you have flown after the heroes of your favourite books. Now you have the opportunity to feel at least a little bit of your involvement in the sky by wearing something from the aviator's wardrobe. At the same time, the helmet is designed in such a way that you will not feel a single drop of discomfort and look your best.

You can find the products mentioned above in our store and a large selection of other themed leather caps and flight jackets. We will help you figure it out and make a good purchase.

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