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Men's Leather Parka Jackets

Immerse yourself in the world of conquerors of Alaska and rescuers who are fulfilling their mission in the Arctic Ocean.

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A down jacket, closer to the body

"Parka" is the warmest and most reliable outerwear for all cold occasions. Such cold days in temperate climates happen quite often. What is the Parka, and what is its purpose? Down jackets, widespread in our time, are modified, improved, lightweight versions of the national dress of the Far North peoples. In those early years, people had not yet known about synthetic fabrics, so they wore everything natural. Such a genuine leather and fur product you'll find here on the pages of the Vintageleder online store.

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Men's leather down jacket: briefly about the main

Everyone can buy a simple fabric down jacket since it is a product of mass consumption. But it is not a straightforward story to find a leather men's down jacket, especially a high-quality one.

Here are some points why to buy leather Parka from Vintageleder:

  • Jackets made of genuine hardwearing sheepskin. They perfectly tolerate temperature changes well tolerate little moisture on the surface. (But remember that leather down jacket is not a raincoat.) Despite their durability, the products are relatively lightweight and comfortable to use.
  • Each Parka tells us its own maritime story, where all patches are skillfully matched by colour and stylistic direction. The patches and inner cotton lining express one stylistic approach. It does not interfere with regular heat exchange, i.e. you don't feel wrapped up in a plastic bag.
  • There are models in different lengths: conservative, covering the jacket, and shortened ones, which do not restrict your movements.
  • The collar or hood of each item is trimmed with natural fur: sheep, silver fox, and raccoon fur.

We will enjoy seeing you on the Vintageleder online store! We are always ready to help in choosing a model, size, etc.!


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