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Columbia Leather Varsity Jacket


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100% genuine leather
Leather type:
Sheepskin leather
Without insulation
Leather and knitwear, stand collar
Short (more in the Sizing Chart)
Loose, comfortable
The patina effect, which intensifies with time
Cannonball 55
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College jacket - the clothing of winners

The first happy owners of the college jacket were the players of the US college football teams. They spread the fashion for this style of outerwear, first among their ardent fans, and then people of other ages and sports preferences joined them.

The evolution of college jackets

Decades have passed, and the model has undergone constructive changes: the jacket has "lost weight" and has become less voluminous. The version of the college model made of genuine leather appeared relatively recently but has already won the hearts of many connoisseurs of leather clothing.

College leather jacket

This product resembles its legendary sports prototype and high-quality manufacturing.

You can create a unique image by going to the " Headwear " pages and "Bags."

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