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Graham Paige Vintage Leather Jacket brown


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Limited Quantity

100% genuine leather
Leather type:
Cowhide leather
Polyester 130 g/sqm, liner
Removable, sheep fur
Medium (more in the Sizing Chart)
Classic, comfortable
The patina effect, which intensifies with time, Metal emblem, Embossed Emblem
Airborne Apparel
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Leather vintage jacket and dream road

The automotive theme is an inexhaustible source that inspires the development of new jackets or the improvement of already-known models. Today, as many decades ago, the road and speed attract all kinds of extreme sports or just lovers of high-speed trips. Erwin Baker (nicknamed "Cannonball") was one of the first record holders in high-speed racing in the middle of the last century. In a Graham-Paige car, he set a record by driving from New York to Los Angeles in 53.5 hours. This record had been intact for 40 years.

Men's leather jacket

This jacket is made on the most exact equipment from high-quality, checked materials — an item in retro style with fascinating curly pockets.

You can support the new image with a suitable accessory on the pages "Headwear" and "Bags."

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