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Halsey Canvas Pea coat black


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Limited Quantity

100% waxed cotton canvas
Leather type:
Canvas and cowhide
Sheep fur
Sheep fur, non-removable
Medium (more in the Sizing Chart)
Classic, comfortable
Durable, wear-resistant fabric (canvas)
Airborne Apparel
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Naval pea coat made of canvas - a stylish thing for cold weather

A pea jacket was a military outerwear uniform made of cloth in the form of a short double-breasted coat. It was a common type of top uniform in many world armies, as it was a simple and convenient model suitable for various field conditions. The male pea jacket took root most among sailors, so it is more often associated with the Navy. Initially, this thing was intended for the cold season and was made of suitable materials with good insulation. Men's sheepskin jackets from the Vintageleder online store will warm you even in the most severe weather. At the same time, it is an elegant product that emphasizes the masculinity of its owner.

Naval pea coat with sheepskin fur

In our online store, you can buy a pea jacket from different types of leather. There is a choice of colors and options for the winter and the demi-season period. We invite you to consider and buy a canvas pea jacket insulated with natural sheepskin fur. Canvas is a specially treated dense cotton fabric impregnated with wax, which makes it windproof and waterproof. The material takes its name from the French "canevas" - canvas. It was used to manufacture sea sails and was considered at one time the most durable and reliable material.
You won't surprise anyone with a simple fabric jacket, so in the Vintageleder store, you can buy a winter pea jacket embodied in the original combination of canvas, genuine cow leather, matched by color and real black mutton. The coat is fully lined with fur.
If you were looking for a sheepskin coat, then be sure to think about buying a canvas pea jacket. Since the product is even warmer than some sheepskin coats, at the same time, it has some advantages: an unusual look and good moisture resistance.

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