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MA-1 Tigers Bomber Leather Jacket black

695 USD
100% genuine leather
Leather type:
Sheepskin leather
Without insulation
Leather and knitwear, stand collar
Short (more in the Sizing Chart)
Loose, comfortable
Comfy pockets
Airborne Apparel
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Flight jacket MA-1 under the microscope

Convenience, convenience, and once again convenience - this is one of the main requirements for clothing for American Air Force pilots. So what does this have to do with the Airborne Apparel MA-1 leather flight jacket? The prototype of this product is a model created for the US Air Force pilots in the middle of the last century. The interpretation of the original MA-1 in leather with some designer touches makes the jacket even more attractive for fans of this kind of clothing.

Convenient doesn't mean ugly.

Taking a closer look at the MA-1 leather jacket made by Airborne Apparel, the following details can be distinguished:

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Curious for those interested

The predecessor of the MA-1 flight jacket was the B-15 bomber jacket with a natural sheepskin fur collar. The B-15 was subsequently replaced by a lighter and more functional model, MA-1, due to changes in aircraft design, speed and altitude. Another disadvantage of the B-15 bomber was a fur collar, which interfered with using a parachute by the pilot.

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