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Sniper Short Leather Jacket hooded


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Limited Quantity

100% genuine leather
Leather type:
Cowhide leather
Polyester 60 g/sqm, liner
Fur collar hood
Short (more in the Sizing Chart)
Classic, comfortable
The patina effect, which intensifies with time, With hood, With lining
Airborne Apparel
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Leather jacket with a hood: modification М65

Outerwear in the style of the field model M65 is very popular nowadays, especially among young people, but older persons also keep up with fashion trends.

The modern modifications of the M65 were made during World War II, a field model for the American military. Attractive appearance and ergonomics were highly appreciated. This product has become a part of the everyday life of both the military and the civilian population. Hollywood stars contributed to the popularization of M65, whose heroes repeatedly appeared on the big screen in a field jacket, embodying the image of a strong, courageous "macho".

Following the challenges of the times and wanting to satisfy the requirements of a larger number of buyers, outerwear designers are constantly on the lookout, creating new options based on the already familiar, beloved model. Although the first M65 was exclusively made of dense fabric, you can now find options from various materials. In our online store you can buy a leather jacket with a hood in several modifications.

Men's leather jacket with a hood - two in one

If there is an opportunity to purchase two things instead of one, why not take advantage of this opportunity? Buying a "Sniper short" jacket in the Vintageleder online store, you get clothes for several seasons at once. It consists of a genuine leather jacket and a full-fledged inner lining, which can serve as a separate item. Together they make a perfect tandem for cold winter weather.

The leather upper is:

Purchase terms

You can buy a hooded leather jacket in the Vintageleder online store for yourself or as a gift to a loved one. Our priorities:

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  3. We guarantee a full refund when returning the item.

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