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USSR Air Force Pilots Leather Jacket

16 800 UAH 568 USD
100% genuine leather
Leather type:
Cowhide leather
Polyester 60 g/sqm, liner
Removable, sheep fur
Medium (more in the Sizing Chart)
Classic, comfortable
The patina effect, which intensifies with time, With lining
Airborne Apparel
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USSR Air Force Pilots Leather Jacket

Memories of the times of the Soviet Union are still alive. Some of them are positive, and some are not very good. But still, it was in the past, and it is worth remembering. Many people are nostalgic because it was someone's youth, a youth to which you want to return again and again. The "chevretka" jacket is one of those pleasant memories. Very popular in its time, it remains in demand to these days. We bring to your attention a model, the prototype of which is the product mentioned above. "Chevretka": a new vision

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Customer reviews
Raiting star Raiting star Raiting star Raiting star Raiting star
2 reviews
Raiting star Raiting star Raiting star Raiting star Raiting star
Vladimir / Ukraine
Verified buyer

I purchased a jacket in this store for the first time. The quality of service and efficiency is beyond praise. The jacket itself, in reality, looks much richer and more vintage than in the photo. The quality of tailoring and material is excellent. Manufacturing defects are out of the question. Everything is done very soundly and accurately. I was very pleased with the purchase. To anyone looking for a good jacket for autumn and winter, I recommend the VINTAGE LEDER store's products. You will not regret the money spent and get a lot of positive from the purchase.

Vintage Leder

Vladimir, thank you for your purchase and for the excellent review! Wear it with pleasure, let the flight jacket serve you reliably and for a long time! We are always glad to see you! Good luck!

Raiting star Raiting star Raiting star Raiting star Raiting star
Vyacheslav / Ukraine
Verified buyer

Hello, today I received my order for a chevret of the USSR Air Force, was pleasantly surprised. The quality of the leather is better than that of the same one that he received during his service in the USSR Air Force. In the 90s he sold it to survive, now returned both youth and beauty, and warmth, and style. It's like a classic with a modern twist. I added a hat and a bag. Now simple and strong, leather and fur, pride and dignity, confidence and firmness of decisions in rough weather. Delivered the next day. I am satisfied with the quality of the goods, and you can even spray your gardens at home.

Vintage Leder

Vyacheslav, thank you for your shopping and for your heartfelt, touching review! Wear it with pleasure! We are always glad to see you! Good luck!

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