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Publication in the blog section of the online store Vintage Leder: Be careful! Scammers are using our content!

Be careful! Scammers are using our content!

For several years, we have been observing the theft of photos and videos of goods from our website. This content is used by scammers to deceive customers.


  • They design the site in a sale style, with significant holiday discounts.
  • They use the design of other people's sites, photos, videos, texts, and names.
  • They set low prices.
  • They give significant discounts. For example, goods that cost about $1,000 are offered for at most $100.
  • Additional discounts when buying multiple units.
  • Low purchase threshold for free worldwide shipping.
  • Fake sites are cloned. You can find many similar resources with the same product images, but they will all have the features described above.
An example of a fake site with stolen photos from

Example of a fake site

What happens after ordering on a fake site?

  • After ordering and payment, you will receive a tracking number.
  • Delivery of goods will take a very long period.
  • No one will respond to your inquiries about the parcel's location or provide general information.
  • The product you get will have a completely different look from the photo. You will get junk or imitation, and you will be disappointed. We give an example below.
  • No one will respond to your inquiries and complaints.
  • As a result, you will give up trying to do something because you decide that the missing amount does not matter much to you. That is what attackers are counting on.
Original vs fake leather jacket comparison
On the left is an image of a jacket from the site, and on the right is a photo of rubbish from a package from scammers. (Provided by defrauded buyer)

What to do if you have been scammed?

  • is a US federal government website where you can report fraud, scams, and unfair business practices. Most sites are located on servers (hosting) in the USA.
  • Indicate the address of the site on which you made the order, provide receipts for payment, show a photo of the product on the site and take a picture of the received product.
  • When paying with PayPal, be sure to file a complaint. This payment system responds well to such deception.
  • Perhaps you will not return the money spent, but you will make it impossible for the fake resources to continue working.

What are we doing to prevent cheating?

  • We warn about fraud on our resources: websites and Facebook pages.
  • We file complaints about fake resources in the DMCA for copyright infringement.

Our online stores:

  • - Ukrainian site,
  • - international site.

Our official social media pages are similarly named Vintage Leder. You can find links in the bottom menu of online stores.

The goods we sell are produced in small quantities. Genuine leather and fur are initially expensive!

We officially declare that we are not affiliated with any fraudulent sites! Be attentive and careful!

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