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Ordering Process and Shipping

Do you deliver to my country?

We deliver worldwide if your country is not on the list contact our manager.

What is the delivery term?

Average delivery time is 14-16 days.

Which transport company do you deliver?

Usually, we deliver by your local state postal company.

How much will delivery cost?

Average cost varies by 25-60 USD.

Is my international order subject to any duties?

Vintage Leder does not include international customs fees or taxes from the country of import. International customers are responsible for covering all fees. If a customer refuses an international package, Vintage Leder reserves the right to deduct any shipping and VAT fees it may have covered.

My payment was declined, what should I do?

Please, contact the bank you are using with the issue, also you can try again later. Contact out manager if you have payment issue.

My size is out of stock, what should I do?

Contact our manager, they will advise you with size availability. We will place an order for the specified size.

Does it mean the items are available When I put something in my shopping cart?

Item availability is checked when you contact our manager. Putting a product in your shopping cart cannot guarantee its availability; Vintage Leder will advise if there are any issues with items or size

How do I determine the size I need?

We can assist you with sizing, contact our manager and provide your height, chest, waist measurements. You can use our measurement guide.

What is the guarantee that I will receive the appropriate product?

Place your order. We will contact you to check the size. Check your email (Also Spam folder). We will send a photo of the jacket in your size. We will answer all questions. Then we'll start shipping.

Returns and Cancellations

Can I return/exchange an item?

Yes, we guarantee return/exchange within 14 days of receipt.

I want to return/exchange an item. What are my actions?

To return/exchange an item contact our manager, provide an information about your order, they will instruct you on further steps.

How much will I pay to return an item?

Return cost includes shipping and restocking fee. For more details check our return policy.

How long will it take for my parcel to return?

Average return time takes 30-60 days including shipping and customs procedures.

When will I receive my refund?

As soon as we receive the return and check it with our return policy rules.

I want to cancel my order. Is this possible?

You can cancel your order at any ordering stage.

How much will I pay to cancel an order?

If the order at the shipping stage, we will deduct shipping and restocking fee costs.


What are the variations in leather types that you use?

We offer a variety of leather products and jackets for sale.

Buffalo leather: tough, incredibly durable for lovers of rough leather

Cowhide: soft, elastic, wear-resistant, has a beautiful design, and is heavy.

Sheepskin: light, very soft

How thick are your men's sheepskin bombers?

The fur is approximately 12mm (~1/2 inch) thick for our regular sheepskin bombers.

What services do you offer for repair or replacement?

We offer a replacement of the lining, the knit cuffs and waistband, the zipper, the collar, and the leather parts of most Vintage Leder jackets. Please contact our support at for prices and time estimates.

Do you customize jackets, and how much does it cost?

Yes, we do; prices vary, so please get in touch with the manager at for further details.


I am interested in one of your jackets and am curious about the leather. Can you send me a swatch?

If you are interested in a particular jacket or more, we can send you a swatch of the leather used on it so you can inspect and compare it. Please email or visit this informational page to request a leather swatch for a small fee.

How should I clean my jacket?

Usually, a leather jacket does not need to be cleaned, but if you must, we recommend checking out our leather care tips.

I have been seeing your jackets sold on other websites at low prices. Are these real?

It is probably not real. We have noticed that some websites use our product photos and descriptions without permission. These websites are fraudulent and are not associated with Vintage Leder. We are taking legal action against any website that pretends to sell our merchandise at very low prices. To ensure you receive top-quality Vintage Leder items, order at our website or to verify an authorized retailer. Some sites to be aware of:









What should I do if my jacket gets wet in the rain?

Leave it to dry in a cool, dry place without covering, away from heat.

How do I clean the shearling on my sheepskin jacket?

Prepare soapy water and grab a clean piece of cloth. Apply the soapy cloth inside, then use a damp cloth to wipe off any excess. Allow it to dry, and then use a soft brush to gently brush it clean.

How do I store my sheepskin jacket?

Use a wide hanger at the shoulders to keep your sheepskin jacket in good condition and prevent any dents or creases. Letting the coat breathe is important, so avoid enclosing it and try not to store it in a warm location. Please contact the customer service team if you have any further inquiries about stylish leather jackets or other items.

Have more questions?

Ask us and we will be happy to assist you.

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