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Leather jackets with a history

Each model carries the legend of brave pilots, fearless sailors or rescuers from ice-covered Alaska

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Flight jackets _ Vintage Leder
Flight jackets

An essential part of a pilot is a leather flight jacket. Each of them was a personal diary of military everyday life.

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Vintage leather jackets _ Vintage Leder
Vintage leather jackets

Clothes with a touch of aging and their own history.

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Biker leather jackets _ Vintage Leder
Biker leather jackets

Speed is not only rapidity of movement, but a lifestyle.

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Leather parkas _ Vintage Leder
Leather parkas

The warmest and most reliable outwear for the cold season.

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USSR Air Force Flight Jackets - Vintage Leder
USSR Air Force Flight Jackets

This thing was a matter of great pride for its owner, a testament to his professional merits.

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About us

Many years of experience working with leather clothing allow us to assert that our employees are real professionals in this field. Indeed, in many ways, sales success depends on the quality of the product and its service. Our task is to keep this bar at the highest level every day.

At the dawn of our career, we opened an off-line store of men's leather jackets, which was pretty successful. But in connection with the rapid development and the enormous opportunities presented by the World Wide Web, we decided to launch an online Vintage Leder store in 2014. The online store created by us is not just another platform where you can buy an ordinary men's leather jacket. It is a store where you can buy a men's leather jacket of a specific military theme. How many seasons have already passed, and how many more to come! With each new year of activity, we penetrate deeper and deeper into the subject of products. We are increasingly establishing cooperation with time-tested manufacturers. We are also constantly searching for new exciting models and making high demands on the quality of products entering the assortment.

We do our best so that the client can buy the leather jacket of his dream and be satisfied with the purchase. Your recommendation to your relatives, acquaintances and strangers is the best praise and an engine for further development!

Clothing Through Time: Vintage Leather Jacket

Boring, monotonous inexpressive clothes are not about our online store. We have a collection of exclusive models that you are unlikely to find in ordinary men's clothing stores. Each jacket is very bright; it carries its own unique story embodied in design and decoration. Whether it is a men's leather jacket with fur or a men's leather flight jacket - they are all unique. They have their charm and character and touch the soul's strings responsible for our secret dreams and desires. One of them is a leather flight jacket. This model has passed the time test (almost a century); it was improved, and now it has again ascended to the peak of its popularity. You can buy a leather flight jacket, almost a copy of an authentic product of the beginning of the 20th century. Or buy a USSR flight jacket, which will allow you to return to the days of the existence of a vast country that is no longer on the world map.

The assortment of the Vintageleder online store is formed from three directions:

It is not difficult to buy a down jacket made of leather, a sheepskin coat or any other chosen thing online, even for an unadvanced user. All buttons and tips are thought out, arranged as simply as possible for our customers' convenience.

The Vintage Leder online store team wishes you pleasant shopping!