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New men's leather jackets 2022

Any novelty of men's jackets is either a well-forgotten old one or something that has not gone out of fashion for decades

Will there be a new collection of jackets in 2022?

We must disappoint those expecting new flight jackets and other themed products in the Vintage Leder online store. The year 2022 will go down in the history of Ukraine as a year of the most challenging trials we must overcome to survive and stay afloat. We make every effort to ensure that new jackets (autumn) and new winter jackets are still available in our store. But the situation can be unpredictable, so we can not promise anything.

Сollection of leather jackets is booked and ordered at least half a year in advance. We were supposed to place orders for the autumn-winter 2022/2023 season at the end of February - beginning of March this year, but the whole business stopped. Now we are forced to reap the rewards.

The new jackets

This turn of events is by no means a cause for despair. The collection of men's jackets that we have in stock may well satisfy the needs of stylish, self-confident men in high-quality clothing. Any novelty of men's jackets is either a well-forgotten old one or something that has not gone out of fashion for decades.

New collection of flight jackets 2022 from Vintage LederNew collection of naval peacoats 2022 from Vintage Leder

These products include flight bombers; their history begins in the first half of the 20th century and continues to this day. These models combine sophistication, convenience and historical flair, which imply the courage of people who fight on the battlefield for their ideals. The same can be said about the pea coat - the uniform of officers of the naval forces - embodied in leather. It also has a large number of its admirers.

New collection of sheepskin parka 2022 from Vintage LederNew collection of jackets Alaska 2022 from Vintage Leder

Our store's collection of leather jackets includes a parka made of genuine leather, which does not compromise on its fabric prototype and has a more status look.

What collection of winter jackets without a pilot made of soft Spanish sheepskin? This product will also be available in the section New arrivals.

Page New collection from the online store Vintage Leder

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All items are leather jackets standing aside from fashion trends. They remain relevant for many decades and do not need additional advertising.

Our store collection of winter jackets is quite diverse. There is a decent selection of products from different types of leather with insulation or lining, a natural sheepskin fur collar or a warm hood. Also, we have sheepskin coats made of soft and light sheep fur in the assortment.

This year new winter jackets will include popular models from previous seasons.

What about new jackets?

This question is very relevant for customers and ourselves. Although new jackets (autumn) most likely will not be available this season, let's hope for the best with the situation in the country. If circumstances develop according to a good scenario, then closer to winter, we will have some novelties: leather jackets, hats and gloves for men. There are also plans to expand the women's line of models now in limited quantities.

M65 Cap field Leather Jacket demi-season - Vintage Leder 1M65 Cap field Leather Jacket demi-season - Vintage Leder 2

M65 Cap Field Leather Jacket demi-season option

But still, we have one novelty of men's jackets: the autumn version of the Military M-65 Cap model. The product is made of soft but durable cow leather in dark brown color. Unlike the winter version, it has an insignificant layer of insulation, suitable for the period: of autumn - the beginning of winter.

What new jackets without updating the color scheme and types of materials? We work closely with our suppliers to improve product design features. Last year's test purchases of sheepskin coats in new colors (red, dark blue) gave good feedback, so we decided to develop this direction and expect to replenish the range of sheepskin coats with new exciting shades.

We hope to please you this winter with a Marlboro Sheepskin jacket made of sheepskin fur. It is a long warm sheepskin coat, a trendy model in the central states of America.

We are also planning a slight increase in the range of accessories: in addition to the fur mittens, we will add men's gloves made of thin cow leather.

You can purchase all new items, leather jackets, hats and accessories in our online store at any time of the day or night that is convenient for you. If you have questions about size, style, etc., please contact us through chat or e-mail.

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