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M65 Cap Field Leather Jacket. Photo 1 M65 Cap Field Leather Jacket. Photo 2 new
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Fashion trends - leather jacket M65

The military theme in clothing captures more and more the minds and hearts of customers. There is something magical and attractive, stirring up the blood in everything that concerns such a period in the state's life. It is a time full of heroism, self-sacrifice, along with the manifestations of the lowest human nature. Fashion always reflects the processes taking place around and offers its vision. So the military jacket M65, created for the US Army's needs, is no longer perceived just as an army thing. It firmly entered the everyday life of an ordinary person. Fanciers of this subject can buy a genuine leather M65 jacket in the Vintageleder online store.

History reference

The now popular M65 jacket (the USA developed this version in 1965) was highly appreciated by buyers, going on sale for mass consumption. Famous Hollywood films became a good helper in promoting this stylish product. The military jacket M65 emphasized the courage and fearlessness of the main characters.

The original M65 jacket was firstly made of durable fabric. It was the primary uniform in the US military operations in Vietnam.

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Why not buy a genuine leather jacket M65?

Let's take a look at the original M65, which you can buy at any clothing store. It is a long coat with a hood and four large patch pockets. It will not be challenging to buy an army jacket M65, but high-quality leather models occur quite rarely.

The prototypes of the products are fabric field  jackets, while leather modifications are in no way inferior. You can buy an original leather jacket M65 in the Vintageleder online store. Here you find several variations and colours of the M65 model. The classic M65 version is the military fabric field jackets reimagined, refined and embodied in durable cow leather. The product colours vary from classic black to some shades of brown, with a vintage effect.

The advantage of this product: the M65 jacket is considered to the smallest detail; it emphasizes the figure. Numerous pockets create a recognizable image and carry full functionality. You can purchase the M65 military jacket in the Vintageleder online store in a winter version with a lining, a fur collar or a fur hood. There are also spring/autumn season models with small insulation.

You can create a harmonious combination - cap and jacket - by choosing a similar colour or skin type. The mixture of colours or textures will help you to embody an exciting, sometimes unexpected image.

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