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Every child dreams of flying.

Guys begin to assert themselves as men from childhood. First, these are cars, airplanes, then war games. For someone, this passion develops into a profession in adulthood, while others remain adherents of the aviation style. Flight leather jackets occupy an important place in the pilots` wardrobe. These things have more than a century of history.

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Flight leather jackets: how it was

A hundred years ago, the men's leather flight jacket was a pilot's uniform. It was not just another piece of clothing but a real assistant. It kept the owner warm in the cramped, cold cockpit of the aircraft at an altitude of over 5,000 km. Also, the pilot's flight jacket was an integral attribute of the US Air Force pilots. For each of them, it was possible to trace the military path of the owner. Each piece was unique, unrepeatable, and one of a kind. The war was over, but flight jackets never ceased to be at their peak.

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