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Naval Leather Peacoats

Courage and dignity, along with grace and nobility

Spring Leather Jackets for men
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King Leather Pea coat black. Photo 1 King Leather Pea coat black. Photo 2 top
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Halsey Canvas Pea coat black. Photo 1 Halsey Canvas Pea coat black. Photo 2 new
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N-1 Canvas Deck Jacket black. Photo 1 N-1 Canvas Deck Jacket black. Photo 2 new
18 700 UAH 507 USD

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All attention to men's leather peacoats

Suppose a product of men's outerwear would combine so much masculinity and dignity along with grace and nobility. In that case, it is a leather peacoat.

A bit of background

The prototype of one leather model of our store is a naval pea coat made of woollen fabric. The first mention was in the middle of the 18th century. This product was associated with clothing for members of some European countries' navy during an extended period, later the United States navy. This item was part of the uniform. The right to wear a men's pea coat had mainly officers and senior command staff of the fleet. This leather jacket variant became the symbol of the unstable revolutionary years at the beginning of the last century. Many figures that time sought to buy a pea-jacket to give an impression of solidity and superiority.

  Naval leather Peacoat buy-in Vintageleder online store 1

Naval leather Peacoat buy-in Vintageleder online store 2


Uncommon pea coat for men

The Vintageleder online store is one of the platforms where you can buy genuine leather pea coats as soon as most of the market's products are in the fabric version. The original models of previous years were indeed made of thick wool. Over time, leather models have gained no less spread among their admirers. Leather products are exceptionally durable and entirely suitable for some regions' harsh weather.

All models have a standard look with two vertical rows of exclusive metal buttons. You can see the brown, black jackets in good quality in large photos and see the presentation in a short video.

Here you can buy a leather jacket for the autumn-spring period, choose long or short models. There is also an opportunity to buy a winter pea coat – a long model with insulation and a natural sheepskin collar.


A pea coat for men is a worthy option to choose. It has many advantages, such as the length due to which it covers a jacket. The practical and reliable appearance of the product will give you confidence in any life situation.

How to buy a pea jacket in the Vintageleder online store?

You have already decided on the model, colour, and size; it remains to place an order directly. You can also choose a headdress that matches the colour and texture to create a harmonious look. Also, diversify it with a stylish leather bag available in several sizes.

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