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Sheepskin jackets

B-3 Bomber, B-7, B-15 sheepskin jackets - classic vintage

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B-3 Sheepskin Bomber Jacket. Photo 1 B-3 Sheepskin Bomber Jacket. Photo 2 top
29 990 UAH 813 USD
B-7 Arctic Sheepskin Parka. Photo 1 B-7 Arctic Sheepskin Parka. Photo 2 top
39 900 UAH 1 081 USD
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Mustang Sheepskin Vest Brown. Photo 1 Mustang Sheepskin Vest Brown. Photo 2 new
14 990 UAH 406 USD

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B-3 pilot jackets as part of history

Flight jackets for men are things that will be famous, no matter what. These products remain in world trends, as these are things associated with certain historical events. Events in which the sheepskin pilot jacket played an important role, and sometimes a key one. The basic model was developed during the war specifically for bomber pilots, whose cockpits were not very comfortable and were not insulated at all. The clothes of the aviators had to be appropriate: warm, light, and not restricting movement. The B-3 Authentic Winter Sheepskin Jacket is designed for the specific needs of pilots, with a wide collar that rolls up to ear level and multiple handy pockets to keep your essentials on hand.

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Wraps and insulates - it's a B-3 Sheepskin jacket

Our online store range includes a wide variety of flight leather products. One of the most popular models is the B-3 Bomber sheepskin jacket. It is completely made of soft Spanish sheepskin; the sleeves are also made of fur. When buttoned, the collar fits snugly around the neck, preventing cold air penetration. In this section, you can buy a sheepskin jacket short with leather elastic or medium length. For those who need a hood, we offer a model with a hood trimmed with natural raccoon fur.

From the selection stage of raw materials ending with the final product, there is strict control over compliance with high production standards at each stage.

Any men's sheepskin jacket is, first of all, a warm sheepskin coat for the cold winter period. But in our online store, it is also a stylish exclusive item. It will emphasize your individuality with dignity and suit many clothing items in style and color.

The Vintage Leder online store also presents the B-3 women's model. It should please the girls, as there is always a sufficient number of women among connoisseurs of such products.

A harmonious ensemble of a fur hat or helmet and a B-3 jacket, which you can buy in our store, will look advantageous in combination with a leather bag made in the same flight style with the appropriate patches.

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